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You Are Guaranteed the Lowest Total Order Cost at
Why? Because we know the cost of the pen can be just the beginning. Many retailers add extra charges that can quickly inflate your total order cost. Not at We add to the value that our products represent with already every-day low pricing by not having hidden costs.

What  Does Total Order Cost Mean?
You are a conscientious shopper taking the time to find the best prices for what you need, but many times face the unwanted surprise of set-up, screen or even printing charges, and inflated shipping charges. All of these charges make up for that "unbelievably low" pen price.

Total Order Cost = Product Price + Set-up Charges + Screen Charges + Shipping Charges will beat the total order cost of any online distributor for any product we sell by not charging you set-up, screen, art or any other charges that artificially make your pens more expensive. And Plus use our FREESHIP88 couponat checkout, and your pens will get free ground shipping.

How Do I Ask For A Total Price Comparison?
You'll just need to tell us a few things so we can get it all figured out. We'll need to know about the product(s) you want compared, the Website where you found the "other" pricing and how we can get back to you. It's that simple!

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